More eBay madness

Just bragging a bit, but here’s some of the crap I’ve sold on eBay recently:

  • My broken Zune MP3 player (sold for parts), which stopped working months ago: $50.
  • My crappy point-and-shoot Kodak Z712 camera, which I bought for $105 refurbished off eBay four years ago: $58.
  • My idle three-year old HTC myTouch 3G: $82.

I certainly didn’t make a profit on anything here, but without the magic of eBay exposure they would have been left decaying in my closet until they were worthless. Also magical is the fact that all of these have been functionally replaced by my smartphone.

Imperfect Information

eBay is a marketplace I don’t frequent often enough to understand fully, but I’ve found it a fantastic place to peddle my junk. A recent sale of mine provides an example of the uninformed buyers that frequent it.

My listing of a brand new top-of-the-line SD card went for $33.00 on eBay,  when the same item is very clearly available from a number of actual vendors for less than $30 shipped. I can’t think of any reason why an individual would prefer my sketchy listing to that of a reputable company aside from their ignorance of the various price-comparison websites.