Ranking the Best Picture Nominees, 2013

Schoolwork has left me hopelessly busy over the past half year or so, but I used up a good chunk of my dearly departed winter break to watch all of the best picture nominees. I’ve been putting off ‘ranking’ them, as I can’t say that any of them really excited me this year. Whereas in past years I’ve always come away with strong feelings about the year’s best and worst, this year’s selections left me unaffected.

Anyway, I’ll go ahead and throw down my list of favorites this year, in order of my personal preference:

  1. Django Unchained
  2. Life of Pi
  3. Argo
  4. Amour
  5. Les Miserables
  6. Lincoln
  7. Beasts of the Southern Wild
  8. Zero Dark Thirty
  9. Silver Linings Playbook

This year’s crop of movies seemed to boast a lot of movies that were clearly very good at what they were trying to do, but none that fell in my so-called wheelhouse. I’d struggle to find a flaw with movies like Amour, Les Miserables, and Lincoln, but you wouldn’t catch me watching them again. I can’t even say that I really enjoyed Django Unchained as much as other recent Tarantino work. The only movie I really didn’t like among this list was Silver Linings Playbook, which struck me as a painfully prototypical romantic comedy with predictable storyline and one-dimensional characters. And aside from the masterpiece that is The Expendables 2, I can’t think of too many movies outside of this list which I found to be particular entertaining (I am partial to Cloud Atlas and The Dark Knight Rises). Maybe I would have felt differently if I didn’t watch every movie on this list over a one week period, though!

There’s no sense in quoting InTrade statistics this year, as the site has been almost entirely vacated since the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission banned US users from the site last November, but the media consensus is pretty much in unanimous agreement that Argo will win.